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Smokehouse 220 Applewood Smoked Bacon BBQ Sauce To taste
Ground Sirloin 1 lb.
Artisan Burger Buns 4 ea.
Sharp Cheddar Cheese, thickcut slices 4 ea.
Bacon, thick-cut 8 ea.
Tomatoes & Pickles, sliced To taste

Onion Straws:
Onion, large, cut into thing rings 2 ea.
Buttermilk 1 cup
Flour 1 cup
Salt 2 tsp.
Cayenne Pepper 1 tsp.
Black Pepper ½ tsp.
Frying Oil As needed


  1. Divide/press burger into 4 patties.
  2. Cook patties for 4 minutes per side or until desired degree of doneness.
  3. During last minute, top each patty with slice of cheese to melt slightly. To assemble, top each bun bottom with cooked burger, tomatoes, pickles, and bacon.
  4. Drizzle with Applewood BBQ Sauce; top with onion straws and bun top.

For Onion Straws:

  1. Soak onion rings in buttermilk for one hour.
  2. Meanwhile, combine flour and seasoning in medium bowl; set aside.
  3. Heat oil in deep skillet or Dutch oven to 375°F.
  4. Drain onions and toss in seasoned flour mixture, tapping to remove excess coating.
  5. Working in batches, cook onions in hot oil for 1½-2 minutes, turning regularly, until golden brown.
  6. Drain on paper towels to remove excess oil. Repeat with remaining onions.



Sweet and tangy flavor with rich notes of savory bacon and fruit

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